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"Healing is a matter of time
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."


Chiropractic - from the Greek Chiropraktikos meaning "effective treatment by hand".
Daniel Parmer who was living in the last 19th century was fascinated to learn that the ancient Egyptians had used spinal manipulation on displaced vertebrae to give relief from a wide variety of ailments. He started developing his own techniques after which it was taught and became a practice. Chiropractors like to say that they practice bloodless surgery - their aim is to maintain the spine and nervous system in good health through neuromusculoskeletal manipulation.
It is only after a thorough examination of the body alignment which the practitioner does, the chiropractor will decide if a problem is suitable for treatment. The aim of such treatment is to restore a full ability of movement to the joints of the spine, relax and lengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments and relieve pain.
Chiropractors recommend this type of healing for a variety of conditions ranging from chronic back trouble to migraine, ADD in children and many gynecological conditions. It does also have contraindications for a number of complaints such as osteoporosis, cancer and serious circulatory problems, so it is important to ensure that the practitioner is fully qualified before trying out a session to ensure that you are suitable for the treatment or it might have its contradictions for you.