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"Healing is a matter of time
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

Feng Shui

The history of the development of feng shui can be traced back for more than five thousand years.
The science originated in rural China when farmers studied their landscape, seasons, weather and many other factors to try to understand the environment that they lived in. They learned how the rivers changed course and their rates of flow, when the sun was high or low and the quality of its heat and which areas of land were saturated, fertile and why.
This knowledge helped them to build their homes in the best positions, facing the most beneficial directions. They grew their crops in locations where they were most likely to have high yields. They survived well in their very harsh environments, building successful communities and prospering.
Inside the vase are longevity waters that create all varieties of inexhaustible treasures. This is the description and significance of the golden treasure vase.
The Chinese have always regarded the vase with great fondness, assigning to it all manner of fortunate meanings. Thus the vase is also said to bring contentment and harmony, peace and prosperity to households.
This is a universally loved symbol of purity. The lotus signifies the divine nature of the Buddhas and has a very special place in the iconography of many Asian cultures.Planting a lotus in one’s home is said to enhance the harmonious chi that filters through our doorways. When the lotus blooms, it signifies the advent of a happy occasion.
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