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"Healing is a matter of time
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

Herbal medicine

The history of using herbs in treatment goes back to the history of mankind existence.
Herbs are known to be used in all cultures and across time.
Today, the World Health Organization estimates that, worldwide, herbal medicine is three to four times more commonly practiced than conventional medicine.
Some of the best modern drugs are purified products of herbs, and in worldwide use.
Many sources indicate that the history of herbs goes back to ancient Egypt where the priests kept that knowledge. A papyrus from the city of Thebes dating back from1500 BC lists hundreds of medicinal herbs among which many are used until today.
Other cultures such as the Greek, the Romans, the Chinese and the Indians also have relied on using herbs as part of their medicinal treatment.
Herbalists look at the patient as a whole (so do the holistic methods of CAM), they look as a person with any illness as a diseased person.
A herbalist may require certain changes in the life style of the person in addition to diet changes and he special tailors his recommendations to treat a case, i.e he does not prescribe the same recommendations or same herbs to every diseased person, even in the case of having more than one patient suffering from the same disease. it all again depends on the total picture of that person, this creates the main difference between a herbalist and a conventional doctor.