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"Healing is a matter of time
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a science based on the fact that there are maps on the soles of the feet and palms of hands which represent the human body.
It is a very ancient science and goes back to the old pharaohs after which it was developed and spread all over the world.
By stimulating and applying pressure to the feet ,hands or ears, you are increasing circulation and promoting specific bodily and muscular functions.

It is scientifically proven that when applying pressure to a painful area pain, pains begin to be less after some time on those painful areas. Dr Fitzgerald (History of Reflexology) used pressure instead of anesthesia in some of his minor operations during his practice.

Generally, it is said that treating the feet is more effective than treating the hands due to the fact that feet have six main meridians (energy pathways, which is the basic concept to balance out in acupuncture, acupressure and shiatsu. Whereas, on the hands, we do also have six meridians which are not the main meridians. While working the feet, the practitioner will also stimulate the reflexes as well as those 6 main meridians which in turn even create a more and quicker balancing effect for the whole body.

Integrating Reflexology with Meridians:

Integrating Reflexology with Meridians is always having a more effective way of balancing the body. The meridians are a network of energy pathways. There are 12 major meridians where each one has a mirror image on the other side of the body resulting in 24 meridians.
There are acupuncture/ acupressure points located along the different meridians. Chi/vital energy provides life to every body organ via the meridians, hence, if there is any congested meridian it has an immediate effect on the body.

Stimulation of the different acupuncture/ acupressure points allows energy to flow freely and result in an overall balance. Same applies when a meridian has excess energy, stimulation results in releasing this excess energy and leads to a balanced state. When working on a congested area, either on reflexes or on meridians, chemical reactions are triggered through the stimulation. The chemical reaction is either a contraction (which is usually in a pain form) or an expansion (which is relaxation).

Both reflexology and acupuncture are based on the fact that disease is caused by blockages in the energy channels. However, to balance out the human system, different techniques are applied in both sciences.

Acupuncture is by using needles on the specific points out of balance requiring treatment whereas reflexology concentrates mainly on feet, hands or ears and applies specific pressure on these organs to release pains and congestions. Yet, by doing reflexology you are stimulating the meridian sections present in the feet, hands and ears as well.
As mentioned earlier, there are six main meridians present in the feet especially on the toes. During a reflexology session and through feet stimulation congestions in these meridians are helped to be cleared.

Speaking about reflexology and acupuncture principle and what both can offer together, it is important to know that there are “organ conditions” and ‘energy conditions’. An organ condition is more related to specific system and organ deficiency where an organ does not function properly, examples are: digestive tract problems, hormonal imbalances...etc. While energy conditions are more related to things like headaches, hip pains, facial nerve pains which are all more difficult to identify reasons for and to define.

These conditions are usually found along a meridian and the related organ will tend to be sensitive during the treatment. Energy related conditions require good attention and if not treated early they can consequently influence the related organ and result in a chronic problem for the patient.
Special thanks to Practitioner and Author Inge Dougans for providing such valuable information through her book: Reflexology, the 5 elements and their 12 meridians. ISBN:0007198272

Reflexology is one the sciences and CAM branches that has its effective way of balancing the body and enhancing the Chi flow. One of the reflexology ‘beauties’, is its ability to be integrated with other forms of CAM as well as being equally effective when applying it independently.

Reflexologists do NOT: