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"Healing is a matter of time
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

What is Vital Energy?
It is also known as life force, chi, Ki or prana.

It is believed that prana is the fundamental energy and the source of all knowledge. By practicing yoga for example, prana continuously flows inside us, creating vitality in our bodies. Too low vital energy in the body you may experience feelings such as a lack of motivation, and further on may get depressed. On the physical level, when you lack prana, or vital energy, you may become ill and start to suffer from diseases.

The more balanced and peaceful a person is, the more prana is inside your body.

Chi, in Eastern medicine, is the vital energy that flows though each organ and system of the body. All of these organs and systems are connected by this vital energy so if an organ is sick you must look at the entire body to find the cause of illness.

Numerous experiments and studies done on chi energy / prana in the last thirty years in China have demonstrated the presence of a mixture of electromagnetic field. The vital energy can be assessed and measured now by using certain tools to do so.