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"Healing is a matter of time
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."


What is Macrobiotics:
Macrobiotics is simply a lifestyle that goes way back to what our forefathers ate and received from the land.
A more traditional way of living and eating with nature and the environment we live in and living naturally in harmony with all things around us.
The term macrobiotics comes from the Greek macro meaning" large" or" long" and bios meaning "life" and was first coined by Hippocrates in the 5th century AD. In considering all factors that influence our lives, the macrobiotics approach to health and healing views sickness as the natural attempt of the body to return to a more harmonious and dynamic state with the natural environment. It emphasizes the importance of proper dietary and lifestyle habits as what we choose to eat and drink and how we live our lives are primary environmental factors that influence our health and create who we are .The idea is to continually balance the effect of food eaten and other influences on the body and to adjust to changes in a controlled and peaceful manner, to provide the body with essential nutrients so that it can function efficiently without loading it with toxins or excesses that must be eliminated or stored. Some traditional and basic macrobiotic practices include eating more whole grains , beans and fresh vegetables,increasing variety in food selection ,eating regularly and less quantity , chewing more and maintaining an active and positive life and mental outlook.
Thousands of individuals have been able lo prolong their lives by recovering from a wide range of illnesses including heart diseases ,cancer , diabetis and many others. Macrobiotics can help you take charge of your health and influence your potential for the highest quality of life because it will help you change your thinking from view of life to a more dynamic and flexible one.This leads to real freedom.

Benefits of Macrobiotics:

  1. Increase your vital energy and get rid of chronic fatigue
  2. Strengthen your immune system
  3. Strengthen your nervous system: this will help you have better relations with yourself and the others.
  4. Increase the tolerance of life stresses
  5. Increase your mind clarity and inner peace
  6. Get rid of the toxins accumulated in your body and enjoy a balanced weight.
  7. Get rid of insomnia and enjoy a deep sleep.

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