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"Healing is a matter of time
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity."

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

An American psychologist called Roger Callahan developed TFT (Thought Field Therapy) in the 1970's. It mainly involved balancing the body's 365 acupressure points to aid restoration of the body's energy flow. The technique was revised by a personal development coach called Gary Craig, who only used 11 of these points and called it EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It is used by many practitioners around the whole world. Practitioners regard EFT as an emotional form of acupuncture.
The technique is said to aid many conditions from Anxiety and stress, to phobias, compulsions and pain.
An EFT Research was conducted using the dark field microscopy, a microscope that shows living cells within the human body. The microscope is connected to a special computer screen and you can see your own blood in living color.
The research which was done shows a clear evidence how much our emotions affect our body. In the below case, dramatic changes happened within the blood cells after being exposed to different emotions and were recorded on the dark field microscopy.
Everything shows up in the blood. After all, our blood gives life to every part of our bodies.
Rebecca Marina, the person on which the research was done, will show the different reactions and their impact on the physical body. As you will see, she purposely shifts from one intense emotion to another (using EFT to enhance the emotions) and then, after each emotion, a photo is taken of her blood using darkfield microscopy.
Please note that these are static photos and thus do not show the dramatic change in movement and speed that accompany the various emotional changes. However, Rebecca describes this movement in her narrative below.
Before we began with the emotions, I asked Dr Felici to take a look at my blood as it looked normally. Well, folks, I had eaten 2 things for lunch that caused lectins to form in my blood and clumped my red blood cells together horribly! I am B POSITIVE blood type and am not supposed to eat chicken or avocados (should have cleared those allergens beforehand with EFT). Anyway, I had to do EFT to fix my blood so I could get good readings for the emotions. Since I had done this twice before, it was a piece of cake! Here are dark field microscopy pictures of my blood cells before and after EFT. Please note the astonishing and immediate change from being clumped to being free and mobile”.
So, when Patricia Fellci, a naturopath, looked at my blood, she observed that the red blood cells were sort of sticking together. She told me that, because I am blood type B positive, my blood has a sensitivity to fats. Patricia advised me to increase my minerals and to always take digestive enzymes with every meal to help in fat assimilation (check Image 1).

Using the EFT:

The first emotion I invited in was the energy of sadness. I did EFT and thought of many sad things. I got into it so deeply that I was even crying.
This is the picture which was taken during that state of mind.
Note: Understand that when you look at blood on a darkfield microscope, the sample is alive and still moving.
“The cells were moving very rapidly (that why they look so far apart) and a lot of white blood cells were predominant, much more so than when we just did a normal blood sample. Another thing that is quite unusual is that many of the red blood cells took on a teardrop formation! Perhaps there is some scientific reason this happened, I do not know. I just know what I saw on the computer screen attached to the microscope”(check Image 2).
“Next, using EFT, I invited the energy of LOVE to come into my body and blood. When we placed the sample under the microscope, the cells were moving all placidly and beautifully. The shape of the cells was normal but you can notice there is a bit of some sparkly substance in the fluid of the blood.”(check Image 3)
“Next, I invited the energy of FEAR into my blood. (check Image 4 ) I allowed myself to remember a time when I was very frightened and really got into the emotional state, using EFT to assist me. I placed the sample pictures of LOVE and FEAR close together so you could see how the LOVE sample cuddles together and how the FEAR sample seems to spread a lot further apart . ”
Remember it was my INTENT to allow myself to feel all these emotions . When we placed the energy of FEAR under the microscope, the cells were just going crazy! They were moving much faster even that with the energy of sadness! There were also a whole lot more of the white blood cells showing than in any of the other samples. I took it to mean that when your body feels a threat it sends out the soldiers to fight any perceived danger. Interestingly enough, the cells were really going crazy but came to a standstill very quickly. Perhaps, it was an adrenaline response and it ran out of gas quickly .
“ Then I felt I needed something heavy duty to calm my poor blood cells down so I brought out the big gun of my own belief system- The energy of Divine Mother! Now when I say Divine Mother, I am speaking from my personal belief I must share with you that when I asked the energy of Divine Mother to come into me I had great waves of energy all over my body. It was such a very tender and precious feeling that I was crying tears of pure joy .
When we placed the sample under the microscope and the image came up on the screen (check Image 5 ).
“The sample was so different from any of the others. The fluid part of the blood was very clear, the movement of the cells was so placid, and the cells were just gliding along in peace. There was a great deal of white, yet beyond white, sparkly substance interspersed with the cells. The white blood cells that showed each had a white, glowing center and a pulsation in that center almost like a little heartbeat !It was like looking into a parallel universe”(check Image 5 ).

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